How to Get Started With Your Avon Business: Tips for Your New Blog

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What if you’re not a writer?

One of the first bits of advice out there on how to start an Avon business online is to blog.


What if you’re not a writer?

Or, what if you are a writer, but so new to Avon that you can’t legitimately write about how to win customers or explain how you built your team? And, of course, you have no earnings statistics to share.

So you start to feel like an idiot. Maybe Avon isn’t the best thing for you to do after all.

Before you talk yourself out of your business before you’ve even started, you need to look a little closer at that blogging advice. And it doesn’t matter if you look at an extremely profitable Avon representative or any other successful blogger. They’ll all tell you the same thing.

Their early blog posts sucked.

And yours will too. (Although, the amount of guidance out there now — as opposed to when blogs first came on the scene — could help you suck less as you’re getting started.)

Even if you are brand, brand new to Avon, you have something to share with readers. (However, the truth is you won’t have very many readers at first. I’ll get to that in a moment.) Here are some blog ideas for you to write about right now, right where you are in your business:

•  Why do you want your own business?

•  Why did you choose Avon for your business?

•  What products are you trying this week or this campaign? (Tip: Write one blog post about each product and then write a “round-up” post where you list all the products featured and then link from that post to each individual blog post that reviews the individual products.)

•  What came in your starter kit and how are you processing the contents?

•  How do you organize your day and/or week for building your business?

•  What Avon products are you using today?

•  What are some of the best tips you’ve heard about selling Avon?

•  What are some of the best tips you’ve heard about building a business?

•  What are you struggling with as you build your business (Childcare issues? Unsupportive family members? Being organized? Discouragement?) and what are some solutions you will try.

•  What are some websites or social media pages/people that you admire?

•  What books are your reading? Are you reading books that teach you how to run a business? To learn about cosmetics and skin care? Blogging?

•  How do you organize your makeup?

•  What tips do you have for packing makeup when you travel?

Try to keep your posts positive and actionable. It’s OK to let people know that you are struggling, but don’t let your blog posts become constant rants and complaints. You want to teach others how you’ve overcome the issues you are facing and how they can too.

The reality is that if you are struggling in certain areas as a new Avon representative, you can be sure someone else is as well. By writing about the problem and your particular creative solution, readers — who are potential customers and team members — will learn to know, like and trust you and will subscribe or bookmark your site to come back for more.

As I mentioned, you won’t have very many readers at first. It takes time to start “ranking” in the search engines (in other words, you won’t be on the first page of Google when someone types in “how to sell Avon.”). There are plenty of “how-to” blog posts out there about, well, how to attract readers. But don’t worry about that yet.

Before you dive deep into things like search engine optimization and key words and content marketing — STOP!

Take a deep breath.


Write something today to put on your blog. Right now.

Make it relevant, of course, but don’t psych yourself out. The goal right now is action, not perfection. You’ll only get better at blogging by actually blogging.

Blogging is just one tool for building your business. Learn how to use it. At first it will be awkward, but, like anything else — selling Avon and the Avon opportunity, for instance — the more you use that tool, the less awkward, more proficient you’ll become.

Are you starting your Avon blog (or any business blog)? What are your struggles and tips? Please comment below.

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