Tips for handing out Avon brochures 

If you’re a new representative and considering where to invest in your new business, it’s wise to make ordering brochures a high priority. Challenge yourself to order at least 100 catalogs every campaign for at least six months.

Having invested in this kind of purchase, your next challenge is to get them as many of them as possible distributed each campaign.

How to Prepare Avon Brochures for Distribution


There is a space on the back of each brochure to add your contact information, as well as campaign dates. There are several ways to handle the task of labeling your brochures, each with pros and cons:

Hand-write your name and phone number.

Pros: Can be done immediately, needs no special equipment or materials. All you need is a good pen!

Cons: Looks less professional, you need good penmanship.

Use a stamp

Pros: Quick to apply, customizable with fonts, ink colors and so forth

Cons: Easy to smear, have to wait for ink to dry, initial cost may be high, have to invest in ink

Print labels on your computer

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Pros: Easy to apply, can make changes as needed

Cons: Costs include ink, labels and wear on the printer

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Order labels professionally printed

Pros: Looks professional, easy to apply

Cons: Costs more, usually have to order larger quantities


Expiration Dates

While each Avon campaign spans two weeks between orders, Avon allows orders to be placed from the two previous campaigns. In other words, if the current campaign is 10, you can still place orders from Campaigns 8 and 9. There are pros and cons to adding dates to your brochures:


Creates a sense of urgency. Customers may want to place their order as soon as possible if they believe that a sale is ending.

Keeps campaigns trackable. Whether you are speaking with a customer by phone or managing your brochure “route,” having a date on the brochure helps you track when you distributed that particular campaign.

Customers know when your order goes in.


People tend to throw away things they think are expired.

Literature Bags

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Formerly known as “What’s New” bags, these are specifically designed to hold brochures and samples and then hung on doorknobs. Because they are very inexpensive, it’s wise to have these in stock. They can be used to deliver small items to your customers, along with the latest brochure, or hold a number of samples for prospective customers to try.

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Another way to package brochures in the literature bags is by placing the catalog sideways in the bag and then tucking the hanging end inside the brochure. This creates a sleek, professional look and better protects the contents from the elements.





The Very Most Important Thing to Remember About Avon Brochures

Have brochures with you at all times!

It doesn’t matter how you label your brochures, whether or not you have the date on it or if it’s in a bag or not. What matters most of all is that you have your brochure ready to give to prospective customers.

No, you don’t have to buttonhole people and shove Avon in their face, but if someone compliments you on your earrings or wants to know where you got those cute shoes, you want to be ready to give them the brochure.

And don’t forget to ask for their contact information so you can follow up!

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