Revise Your Work Schedule Month: The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home – or even with a company that allows a flexible schedule, including telecommuting – can seem like a fairytale come true when you are stuck in traffic (again), missing your kid’s school concert or ball game (again).

You fantasize about waking without an alarm and not having to wolf down lunch in 10 minutes between pointless meetings. And you would be sitting in the front row cheering your kid on right now, instead of fuming on a freeway-turned-parking lot.

Besides, you have this great idea for your own business (or great opportunity to be your own Beauty Boss 😉 )…

Before you turn in your notice, there are a few things to consider when you work from home.


You still have to work! With no one to hold you accountable to when you go on duty, you may find most of the day disappears before you’ve even begun your day’s tasks and assignments. It takes organization and discipline to maintain good work habits when no one is watching.
There are more distractions at home. The availability of your books, the television, and the miscellaneous chores, as well as hobbies, can lead you astray from your work duties. After all, it’s more fun to play than to work! Or easier to mop the floor when the kids are at school than on the weekend when everyone is running in and out.
You might feel isolated. Despite leaving office politics and boring staff meetings behind, you may find yourself lonely without the daily office camaraderie. It’s not that you want to hear the latest gossip, but it would be nice to bounce ideas off your coworkers or get feedback on your project. It’s a lot harder by phone.
It’s harder to “leave the office.” Even if you are fortunate enough to have dedicated office space and can close your door, it can be difficult to stop for the day. You want to “just finish up this one thing” and ten minutes stretches to two hours. Or you wake up in the middle of the night, panicking about your project. Because your work is just down the hall, you sacrifice your night’s sleep instead of letting it go until morning.
Friends and family may consider you available. Your neighbor’s kid is sick and she still has to go to work, so she calls you, because you’re home and she can’t get a babysitter. Or your spouse asks you to take the car in for the oil change… because you’re home. It can be challenging for people to understand that your hours are spoken for. You really can’t help them out.


No commute! Not only do you gain the time you used to spend in traffic, but you save money on gas and car care expenses as well – as long as you’re not doing additional driving every day for other things!
No more nylons! You wear what you want to work when you aren’t meeting with clients or customers.
Flexibility. You set your own schedule. In addition to establishing when you will work, you can make sure you get in your daily exercise, drink enough water and eat a sensible lunch. In other

words, you get to live a real life!
You’re available for your kids. Whether attending concerts and ballgames (on time!) or being able to participate in a field trip, you’re there for your children. And while quality time is important, it doesn’t hurt to have some quantity time as well.
You’re doing what you love. Whether you are telecommuting or have your own business, you are doing what you love in an environment you enjoy.

I’ve had the privilege of working from home for almost 20 years. It isn’t always easy. Not by a long shot. But I certainly prefer it to having to leave home for four to eight plus hours a day in someone else’s facility.

If you work for a company that offers telecommuting, find out what your options are for taking advantage of that perk. Talk with your family to see if that lifestyle will work for you.

Not sure you can make that leap? Think about joining Avon as an Independent Sales Representative. For as little as $25, you can test the waters of being an entrepreneur while still working your day job.

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Have you tried working from home? How did it go? Or if you are thinking about working from home, what are your concerns?

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