Low Cost Business Start-Up: Avon Quick Starter Kit

One reason Avon attracts so much interest is the low cost to start your own business.

While many direct sales and multi-level marketing companies require a significant investment, Avon’s Quick Starter Kit is a very affordable option for someone who wants to start her business immediately, but really doesn’t have very much money to invest initially.

The cost to become an Avon Independent Sales Representative as of December 2017 starts at $25. The Quick Starter Kit includes products, samples and sales tools valued at over $80. Your kit will be delivered within 3-7 business days.

Although the exact products may vary, inside you will find:

  • 4 full-size of Avon’s most popular products
  • 4 mini products (travel size)
  • 20 samples:
    • 10 skin care regimen samples
    • 10 lipstick samples
  • Business Building and Sales Tools
    • Getting Started booklet: a step-by-step guide to walk you through getting started on your new venture
    • Catalogs, brochures and flyers to hand out to potential customers, friends and family
    • Recruiting booklets to help you build your own team
    • An order book for those spur of the moment purchases
    • Shopping bags for deliveries
    • 1 Daily Care Flyer that you can copy and share

In addition to these physical products, Avon Independent Sales Representatives automatically get their very own customizable eStore at no additional cost (either in dollars or extensive labor!) that enables them to sell online to anyone in the United States (reps cannot sell outside their own country at this time).

Avon also offers extensive, practical and actionable training through Avon University so that new reps — and experienced reps who want a refresher — can learn how to make more money selling Avon.

Got questions? Please email me: brenda@yourcompletebeauty.com.

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