Learn About Avon’s New Health and Wellness Line of Products: Introducing Espira!

Espira is Avon’s new health and wellness line of products.  Avon has long recognized that beauty isn’t simply about makeup and fashion. Being THE company for women since 1886, Avon provided a way for women (and men!) to feel confident and competent by running their own business, their way!


And now Avon takes the next logical step to helping people feel their best with Espira.

Espira is a customized health and wellness line tailored to individual needs and formulated with ingredients to help boost and sustain natural energy.†

This new system was created by leading experts in the nutrition industry and promises results you can see and feel. As always, Avon offers satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (if returned within 90 days of purchase).

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The ingredients in all Espira products have been clinically researched to bring you a complete program for results you can see that will change your life! All Espira products are made with the highest quality naturally-sourced ingredients from whole foods and superfoods. All are NON-GMO, have NO preservatives and NO artificial colors & flavors. While some of the products may achieve faster results, others may take 30 days or more. And, of course, individual results may vary.

Three Core Principles of Wellness

Click the banners to find out more about each Espira formula and the products Avon developed to help you be your very best!


Which Formula Is Best for You?

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