Here’s an Easy Way to Help Send Needed Items to Shelters in Texas

Hurricane Harvey brought catastrophic flooding and wind damage to Houston and the surrounding areas, resulting in loss of life and devastation to hundreds of thousands of people. The images are absolutely heartbreaking. The damages from Hurricane Harvey are expected to rival those of Hurricane Katrina and according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), recovery efforts will take years, with costs expected to reach tens of billions of dollars.

Our hearts go out to our Avon sisters and brothers who have suffered, and continue to suffer, the effects of this epic natural disaster. Representatives, Coaches, and our customers, along with their friends, family, and neighbors, need our help. We are working with local Sales Leaders, Representatives, Coaches, and first responders to provide several shipments of personal care and houseware products to area shelters, including Houston-based domestic violence shelters. We know our caring Avon community wants to share their love and support.

Donate an Avon Hurricane Relief bundle
We invite you to share your love and support for Hurricane Harvey victims through our $10 Avon Hurricane Relief bundle that will help fund a selection of critical personal care products and houseware items we will transport to area shelters, including Houston-based domestic violence shelters, on your behalf.

We are proud to support the American Red Cross and their round-the-clock efforts to help thousands of people living in Houston and along the Gulf Coast whose lives have been changed forever by the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. The recovery is just beginning. Your gift enables the Red Cross to continue to respond to the distinct needs of each community during the days, weeks, and months ahead, and help people recover from other disasters big and small. Click to donate to the Red Cross:


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