Feel Beautiful In Your Skin: What Works for These Three Women

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Growing up, I saw myself as dumpy and, frankly, ugly. My hair was frizzy and bushy, my teeth stuck out enough for my brother to tease me as “bucktoothed,” I was short and just generally awkward.

For a long time, my whole life was just a sad mess.

How You Can Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin

June is Beautiful in Your Skin Month. Growing up, I most certainly did NOT feel beautiful.

Fast forward to 1989. A very lovely woman came to my very messy home (I was disastrously disorganized and overwhelmed by clutter). She was selling the Avon opportunity. I signed up at that time and — for the first time in my life — began to take better care of myself. I started developing a skincare routine and (since I had to make a good impression to sell Avon) was wearing makeup and choosing my wardrobe more carefully.

I started to feel pretty and confident. Unfortunately, my marriage fell apart and I was back to square one, feeling unattractive, unlovable and unwanted.

Fast forward again. It’s 2017. I’ve been remarried for over 20 years. With support and help, I overcame my tendency toward clutter and started to believe that I really did have something to offer others.

And I found Avon again.

Because it’s difficult for me to take the time and effort to go out to shop (even when I did drive the 45 minutes to the mall or Walmart or Target, likely as not, my brand or color wasn’t in stock), I looked for Avon online. I found that I could still buy a lot of my favorites (Timeless skin softener and powder, Anew skincare, Glimmersticks) and have them shipped right to my house. It took about a year, but then the lightbulb went on: I could become an Avon Independent Sales Representative again.

So I did.

Now most days I feel great in my own skin. Not because I wear a ton of makeup every day. It’s inside. I feel good about the direction my life is taking. I’m a part of a company that’s supportive of women and is evolving to help reps be more successful.

Having been a serial entrepreneur with a variety of businesses (I’ve cleaned houses, baked miniature desserts, built speaker parts in the garage and mentored people who are overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization), I know what it takes to run a business. And although I’m just at the beginning of my Avon journey, I’m in it to win!

And I’m not the only one.

Three women share their Beauty Boss stories as Avon Independent Sales Representatives

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Janet Sides is 53 years old and, like me, has joined Avon for a second time.

“The first time was in 1992 for a few years when my daughter was first born in hopes to stay home with her, but due to her medical conditions and disability of Down syndrome, I had to quit to care for her after her surgeries. I started back up in June of 2016 — also because of my daughter. She needed to learn business skills, wanted to achieve goals in her life and has a passion for fashion. Avon was the perfect fit!”

Janet does work outside the home also at the University of Michigan in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a support person for parents of babies who are ill or are premature newborn.

But she has big plans.

“My business goal is to move to the next level above President’s Club. I am looking to build a team so that we can have continued income when I retire. Most importantly, I want to teach and mentor others. I have a passion for marketing as well as showing people how to create a professional image on a budget. I love doing professional image consulting.”

When I asked Janet how Avon contributes to her feeling beautiful in her own skin, she said, “Avon makes me feel beautiful in my own skin because they empower me to be all I can be. The support and positive input received from other leaders as well as reps make one feel like a perfect 10 inside and out because it makes you feel like, ‘Yes I can do this, I got it and I am worth it!’ The encouragement and guidance are almost overwhelming (in a good way). I love the causes Avon stands for and supports. They are both dear to my heart.”

But it’s not always easy. “The biggest challenge I have is recruiting! Hands down!” she said. Recruiting is team building, which increases earnings and the ability to participate in incentives such as trips and merchandise.

What does Janet love best about being an Avon rep? “What I love most about being an Avon rep is being my own boss, calling my own shots, setting my own hours, working from home and working as hard or as little as I want. I also love that I don’t have to ask the boss to take time off to take myself or a family member to the doctor or go to an event at my daughter’s vocational program. And I love that when I tell people I am an Avon rep they perk up, then they start to watch how I act, look and take note of my professional mannerisms. I find that really empowering!”

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Shop Janet and daughter Amy’s Avon eStore here.
To join their Avon team as a rep, click here.



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Tamara Stokes is 38 years old and just joined Avon February 2017.

She chose Avon because she wants extra money for her family. She remembers back when she was in Kindergarten that her mom’s friend sold Avon. “She would let us play with the lipstick bullets. It was so much fun!”

Right now, Tamara is a full-time elementary music teacher. She’ll be starting her 15th year of teaching in August, so she shares Avon products with friends and family part-time.

She said, “I have a few Avon business goals. One is to reach more people. Most of my clients are fellow teachers and family members. I would love to build a team of people who are friendly, motivated, and who love the Avon products. I would love to do more videos in my Facebook group and learn how to create YouTube videos. Blogging is also something that interests me. I really enjoyed writing in school, and I would love to share Avon products and the opportunity using that platform. I’m willing to do what it takes to create an ongoing business. I’m in this for the long run!”

“Avon has so many products that help me feel confident in my own skin. I love the Nutraeffects balance skin cream that helps with my pores, the Skinvincible Deep Recovery cream, the Magix Perfector that helps me achieve a flawless makeup finish, and the jewelry is so beautiful. The pictures in the brochures don’t do them justice! Wearing these products makes me happy, and I think that helps make it easier to share with others! It brings a smile to my face, and a smile can go a long way. “ She said.

Like Janet, Tamara’s biggest challenge right now is recruiting. “I would love to help guide others to be successful as a rep, but I have not had anyone interested… yet.”

She said, “It’s easy to focus on the selling and forget to share the opportunity for others, as well. I’m working currently on including more recruitment flyers in books that I hand out, asking current customers if they might know of anyone who would like to earn extra money, advertising more on Facebook. I’m even considering making “try-it” kits. “

But she’s growing as a marketer. “I am also working on being more proactive in getting contact information when I share a book or flyer. In the very beginning, I was just passing out books and samples, but waiting for people to contact me. Contact information and follow-up is vital to this business.”

“I love this Avon business. I enjoy looking at new products that are coming out, checking out new sales, and planning my campaigns to target those sales. I also love seeing people smile when they receive their order and hear their feedback about how much they like the products. I really try to focus on the customers and make them feel special. After all, this wouldn’t be a business without them!! And, the added bonus is I can get discounts on my favorite products!”

Tamara’s estore is www.youravon.com/stokes
To join her team, go to https://start.youravon.com; use Reference Code: stokes


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Melissa Coverdale is 42 and started with Avon on September 14th, 2016.

She chose Avon because her mom sold Avon when she was younger. She remembers playing with the makeup samples. “I knew Avon was a company that’s been around for a long time and they aren’t going anywhere. “

Melissa is a stay at home of a 4 year boy. Avon is her main business, but she also joined a leggings company recently just for the discount.

Her business goals include helping to provide financial stability for her family. And she wants to build her team to give more women the confidence that Avon has given her.

“Avon has so many wonderful products from makeup to fashion. Wearing the jewelry makes me feel pretty as does the fashion. It just adds to my overall confidence in myself. That confidence makes me able to talk to more people.”

But, she said, “My biggest challenge is being a shy rep; it’s hard for me to talk to people face to face. Most people know what Avon is so they are more open to looking at a brochure. I face this challenge by wearing an Avon pin wherever I go. People ask me about it. Then I can talk to them.”

“What I love best about being an Avon Rep is the freedom I have to work where I want, when I want. Being the Mom of a 4 year old, he wants my attention or is always asking me questions so I work around him or involve him in my Avon projects. I love I can make it a family project.”

Melissa’s Avon estore link is www.youravon.com/mcoverdale; to join her team, click here.


Why I’m Promoting My “Competitors”

Right about now you may be wondering why on earth I would be giving away potential business and team members to other people. Pretty stupid, huh? I should be trying to claim as many customers and team members as possible for my own business, right?

Except that’s not what Avon is about.

Territories are no longer assigned. Thanks to the internet, an Avon representative based in the US can sell to anyone, anywhere in the US. We grow our customer base and teams the same way other solopreneurs do: We let other people know what we’re doing and ask them to keep their eyes open for someone who could use what we have to offer.

Incidentally, that’s exactly how freelance writers, virtual assistants and professional organizers (among a myriad of others) spread the word about their services. Avon is no different.

More than that, it is — and always has been — a relationship business. When you do a search for “how to sell more Avon” or “how to be successful as an Avon rep,” you will find dozens of very successful women and men who openly share their “secrets.” They give you pep talks on YouTube, access to their templates on Facebook and step-by-step instructions on their websites. They offer these resources at no cost. You don’t have to be a part of their team to partake of their wisdom and work. They know that by helping others, by being open-handed and generous, it will be returned to them in some way. Basically, they are paying it forward.

So I’m doing the same thing. I’m using my expertise as an organizing consultant to help people with time management and office organizing so that they can be successful. Not everyone needs that kind of help. If Janet’s or Tamara’s or Melissa’s story that resonates with you, contact them to buy or sell Avon.

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